Listen to the silence
See the darkness
Hear the earth crying
Empty tears
Bombs like sparrows flying
Cross the rooftop
Children may be dying
Will they ever get a chance

There will be a moment
They have to leave
Their house and homeland
But Home is where the heart is
Will they ever find their place?

Travelling a thousand
Miles to see
A mysty I-don’t-know-land
One wish only
A haven to take shelter
And start all over again

Tren Istasyonunda
Bir türk k.z. var
Speaking a language
From the heart
Showing them the way
They have to go
And their greatest gift
Is a smile of hope

There are always flowers
For those who see
If they might need a shoulder
To open up
Any foreign flower
Can arrive this way
Every soul will bloom
Under loving wings

Under loving wings

Alides Hidding zingt voor Karsu een bewerking van één van de liedjes die ze als jong meisje al achter de piano zong in het restaurant van haar vader: 'Çok Uzaklarda'. De prachtige tekst is geschreven door Alides' vrouw.